True ways of penis enlargement

If you are reading this now, then most likely you are unhappy with your size. But I want to say that most men on the planet think so. Therefore, if you think that your size is small, most likely you are mistaken.

Perhaps you have already encountered unpleasant advertising on sites that are accustomed to buying products that guarantee an increase in your size with male enhancement pills and male enhancement supplements, vacuum pumps, gels. I hasten to disappoint you that all this is a very thoughtful move by marketers who use men with low self-esteem. How would you not like, but these are really myths that are still believed in the hope of a miracle. It will be good if everything is fine with your health after using them because very often side effects occur.

Physicians, in theory, can change the length and thickness of your penis with both surgical and non-surgical interventions.

  1. Penile elongation surgeons in most cases carried out at the request of men. Among the medical indications for surgical treatment are congenital pathologies and injuries. However, many men experience psychological discomfort due to their small size. Dissatisfaction with the length of the penis can lead to sexual problems and a decrease in the quality of life. Eliminate negative factors and restore self-confidence will help a simple operation to lengthen the penis.

Surgical lengthening of the penis takes about half an hour, performed under general anaesthesia. The surgeon gets access to the tissues through a small incision in the scrotum, which heals quickly, without leaving scars and scars. The patient is in the hospital for two to three days, after which the doctor explains to him the rules for wearing the extender and develops an individual rehabilitation program.

  • Installation of gel implants for penis thickening is a new technique for penis enlargement (thickening). At the moment, experimental operations are performed to thicken the penis. The essence of the method is that between the trunk and the skin of the penis, gel implants are installed on the dorsal surface, due to which the penis is thickened. The operation of installing gel implants is reversible – implants can be removed at any time. Soon, this technique will be available for use with the goal of thickening the penis.

According to statistics, only 20% of men are satisfied with the results of the operation and the remaining 80% do not feel male enhancement So weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. It’s possible that all these methods are not worth the risk.