How to land your dream job through a personal blog

There are numerous benefits you can reap from a personal blog that can secure you a job. Here is how to make your blog your biggest career asset in your job search.

Gain deeper industry knowledge

One key component to having a successful blog is updating it regularly with fresh material. This means that you will read and learn more things about your career field over time, which adds on to your expertise. Even writing that article will require that you think deeply in regard to the topic and form your opinions before putting it in writing.


A personal blog serves as a great platform to interact and form relationships with other professionals in your career field, especially those who have blogs of their own. You can get the attention of other professionals by linking to their websites, interviewing them and posting interviews on your blog or writing guest blogs to showcase your expertise.

Acts as a resume

When applying for a job, chances are your potential employer will look you up online. Having a personal blog gives your potential boss a good idea of the type of person you are, both professionally and personally. And unlike on Facebook where someone can tag you to an embarrassing photo, you can control all the content in your blog so it can highlight your best traits.

Makes you stand out

For the recruiting managers, it can get boring to go through resumes every day. If you have a personal blog that not only displays your professional skills but your personality too, you will definitely stand out from all the other job seekers and give yourself an added edge in your job search.

Having a personal blog is a very effective tool for your professional growth. It is also important in developing valuable relationships that can help you land a job. Start your blog now and write your way to success.